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reCaptcha V2 update for nopCommerce
Read this to see how the fix works! – UK/ Europe Payments now supports payments in 33 European countries, in 4 supported currencies:

  •  GBP
  •  EUR
  • USD
  • AUD

Effective Systems, LLC has updated our nopCommerce AuthorizeNET SIM plugins to send the primary store currency code to Our most popular plugins for v2.8 and 3.2 are completed, and other versions will be available soon.

Please see our product details for more information and this post on for additional details.

Important things to note:

A single gateway account will only handle one currency code. Multiple gateway accounts are required to support multiple currencies.

nopCommerce versions 3.0 thru 3.2 that support the multi store environment only support ONE primary store currency across all stores. This is set in the admin panel under Configuration, Currencies.

 nopCommerce Primary Store Currency Setting

The selection of a currency code that a customer sees on the site only displays the price to them in that currency. When the payment form appears, the price will have been converted to the primary store currency code.

nopCommerce Customer Currency Code

Lifetime Upgrades!

All of our nopCommerce Plugins come with a lifetime of free upgrades! This is on any purchased plugin that we decide to upgrade. Upgrades may include additional features, enhancements, bug fixes, or version upgrades to insure continued functionality with newer releases nopCommerce. We do not guarantee upgrades will be available in all cases, but when we release them, they are yours to use under the original ELUA.

Installing the USPS fix for v2.6

Download the file and unzip it to an empty folder on your hard drive.

If you already have the NopCommerce USPS shipping plugin installed, follow these directions. If you have not installed it, or have uninstalled it from your site, then follow the normal instructions for installing a new NopCommerce plugin. You can find our instructions for installing new plugins in the forum on our web site.

1.       Copy the Nop.Plugin.Shipping.USPS.dll file from the zip file and paste it into the /Plugins/Shipping.USPS folder on your web site. (replacing the file that was there)

Efective Systems NopCommerce Plugins



2.       Log onto your site as an administrator and go to the site administration and click on “restart application” in the upper right hand corner.

Efective Systems NopCommerce Plugins


Installing a new NopCommerce Plugin

Once you have downloaded the latest package you need to install your plugin following the steps below. Lets assume you want to install a plugin named "NewPlugin", and the name of the .dll file in the download is "Nop.Plugin.AType.NewPlugin.dll"

1. Unzip the contents of the download to a new empty folder on your computer.


2. Go to the Plugins folder of your nopCommerce installation and create a new folder named AType.NewPlugin.

Effective Systems, LLC NopCommerce Plugins


3. Copy the contents of the unzipped download and paste it all in the AType.NewPlugin folder.

Effective Systems, LLC NopCommerce Plugins



4. Login to your web site as an administrator and go to Configuration, Plugins.

Effective Systems, LLC NopCommerce Plugins


6 . Click on the "Reload List of Plugins" button in the upper right corner.

Effective Systems, LLC NopCommerce Plugins


7. After the screen refreshes, scroll down and find the new plugin in the list and click on the "Install" link.

Effective Systems, LLC NopCommerce Plugins


8. After the screen refreshes, the plugin is installed, but you may need to configure it before it can be used. Use the "Configure" link to setup any specifics required for the plugin. You'll find instructions for each plugin on its own configuration page.