reCaptcha V2 update for nopCommerce

You get 2 files that are already compiled. You just replace those 2 files on your site. The files are:

  1. Nop.Web.Framework.dll
  2. ReCaptcha.Web.dll

Here’s what the instructions that come with the download say:

nopCommerce v3.5 Update to reCaptcha v2


Make sure you are able to access the Google reCaptcha site. You will need to generate new V2 keys as part of this process.


Disable reCaptcha from the nop admin panel:

\Configuration\Settings\General and Miscellaneous Settings\ Security settings tab


Copy both of the provided files to your site in the \Bin folder

Delete the old \Bin\reCaptcha.dll file from your site


Delete the reCaptcha keys from Google and create new ones for V2


Enable reCaptcha from the nop admin panel and enter the new keys


It's advisable to not enable reCaptcha on the login page until you have tested it on the contact us page.

So unless you’ve modified or customized code in Nop.Web.Framework, you will not break anything on your site.

Additionally, if your buying from a country other than the US or Canada, you will not be able to checkout on PayPal. Here’s the work around:

  1. Place the order on my site using any fake address.
  2. PayPal will reject the address.
  3. Log into PayPal manually and send the money to
  4. I will mark the order paid and then you can do the download.


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10/11/2018 8:29 AM
Ok, but the course doesn't allow recaptcha on the password reset page.

Who authored this code? Is there any way I can notify them of this bug?